Calls on Demo Club to Consider Differing Points of View

Dear Editor,

The Culver City Democratic Club has pushed aside mainstream Democrats and is now nothing more than an echo chamber of YIMBYism and white privilege.

This was never more evident than the way the Club treated Lynetta McElroy, a powerful African-American housing advocate who attended a recent meeting to speak about how the elimination of R-1 zoning is threatening the African-American community. Club leaders didn't like what she had to say about the negative impacts of SB9 and SB10 on the poor and communities of color, so she was rudely interrupted and silenced. Their white privilege showed, once again, that while they pretend to be "progressive," they are more interested in solidifying their own base than in making any type of real progress.

It is time for real Democrats to take back the Culver City Democratic Club. The illiberal left and YIMBYs have made the Club uncomfortable and unsafe for liberal, moderate, and conservative Democrats who believe in good governance and civil rights. The Club does not tolerate dissent and does not permit the free flow of ideas. Instead, it quashes any opinion that challenges its ideologies.

I ask Democrats to come back to the Club and make it a safe place and a big tent, where all ideas can be respected and discussed.

We need to do better.

Ron Ostrin

Law Offices of Ronald E. Ostrin

Los Angeles


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