Celebrate National Immigrants Day with Save Ellis Island

October 28th is National Immigrants Day. We celebrate America's legacy as the only nation founded and built entirely by immigrants. It is a day to honor freedom and opportunity, reflect on our long history of welcoming immigrants from all parts of the world, celebrate countless contributions, cultures, and traditions that make up the United States of America.

Observe the day by researching your ancestors and planning a visit to Ellis Island. While on Ellis Island, take a Hard Hat Tour of the historic Hospital Complex. This popular 90-minute tour takes you to select areas of the abandoned hospital buildings while a guide talks about everything from operations of the hospital to the immigrants who were treated there.

Can't make it in person? Save Ellis Island also has virtual tours available. Travel back in time from the comfort of your own home, as you are guided through select rooms of the abandoned Ellis Island Hospitals. See the contagious disease wards, laboratories, doctor's residence and even the morgue on this 60-minute virtual tour.

We honor those who came before us, bringing their hopes and dreams for a better life for both themselves and for their families. As individuals, they were determined and full of hope. Take a moment to thank your ancestors!

Save Ellis Island is the National Park Service partner for the restoration and preservation of the 29 unrestored buildings on Ellis Island's south side. Save Ellis Island, its partners and members work together for the preservation of our nation's historical and cultural heritage for this and future generations.


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