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Ugly Boxes Block View of Park


October 14, 2021

Dear Editor,

I live across from the Little Culver Blvd Project (the Storm Drain). This project has been on going close to 2 years now. They took out the beautiful Park that was there and put us thru 2 years of hell with banging and our house shaking so badly we thought we were having a series of earthquakes. I called many times to complain and not one person from the city would call me back. I finally gave up calling and tried to live with it knowing that they promised that the park would be more beautiful than before. They have pictures at the end of the park showing how beautiful the park is going to look. No where in those plans are pictures of 8 feet electrical boxes which sit right on the edge of of little Culver directly in front of my house. I will have no view of anything but these big 8 feet electrical boxes. I feel violated by what they have done to Culver Blvd and the residents that have to look at everyday from the moment I saw these boxes being installed, I have been very depressed and burst into tears the minute I look at them. This is my new permanent view of little Culver and the beautiful Park that was promised to us. My opinion is the city and council do not care about the residents that live in that area as they could have put these boxes anywhere from what I have been told.

Thank you for listening.

Ilene Shupe

Culver City


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