Speak Out Against SMMUSD Covid Mandates

On Friday August 20th, the SMMUSD school board approved a set of Covid mandates under the SMMUSD COVID Surveillance Program. The Covid mandates requires students to wear a mask indoors & outdoors as well weekly PCR testing regardless if your child has been vaccinated.

Parents were give little to no time to fully review the COVID Surveillance Program registration and make an informed decision regarding the District's COVID Mandates and the potential effect on our children.

The roll out of the COVD Surveillance Program has been a complete failure in transparency and in engaging parents. The District has failed in making parents feel comfortable consenting and accepting their surveillance program. The School Board and Superintendent Drati rushed the approval of the COVID mandates without fully preparing to provide parents with ALL of the necessary information related to their COVID Surveillance Program.

This past week parents and students have been pressured and harrassed to register for their surveillance program and give consent for the SMMUSD Covid Mandates. These mandates have created a toxic environment in our schools.

If you have concerns with the SMMUSD Covid Mandates or if you are concerned with the privacy of your child's medical record that will be shared with private companies then you need to speak out at a School Board Meeting. They are conducted Wednesdays at 5:30pm


Parents Protecting the Rights of Our Kids


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