CC Artist Laureate Alexey Steele Live Streams Portrait Sessions

Noted Culver City artist laureate Alexey Steele live streamed last weekend portrait sessions showcasing Culver City resident Rich Yamashita, leader of Marina Cub Scout Pack 79.

It was the second portrait in the series, Love My Neighbor - Culver City project. Steele plans to select 6-8 Culver City residents to capture in portrait for his project.

Steele launched the Love My Neighbor - Culver City project in October 2020 with a portrait of long-time Culver City resident, Dr. Janet Cameron Hoult. Upcoming portraits will include Culver City notables, producer David Mack and musician George Kahn.

Steele will live stream remote portrait sessions with his models, who will remain in self-isolation. Artist and model will maintain visual contact via video conference transmitted onto a TV screen in the artists' studio in Long Beach.

Steele will work on the portrait as if his model was sitting right in front of him. Each drawing session and his interaction with the model will be broadcast via Facebook Live. Viewers will be able to watch the portrait come to life, listen to Alexey’s commentary about his work and his conversation with his model, and even ask questions.

The sessions will also be recorded and available for later viewing at

Learn more about the Culver City Artist Laureate Program, artist Alexey Steele and his recent activities at


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