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Council To Consider Mandatory Vaccinations

The Santa Monica City Council will consider at its August 24th meeting, whether City employees should be required to obtain vaccinations for Covid-19, prior to reporting for their jobs and as a condition of employment.

The City Council (should) express its position that to protect the health and safety of both City Employees and the public we serve, absent legitimate medical or religious concerns, all city employees volunteers and contractors should be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” says the calendar item.

The City of Los Angeles recently adopted a similar mandate. Employees must have their first shot by Sept. 7th, and their second by October 10th. No word yet on what will happen to those who refuse the City of LA mandate.

High Tides and Big Waves

8/19 High tides and big surf are putting on a show and creating dangerous conditions along beaches throughout Southern California.

Images from south facing beaches Thursday evening showed big waves crashing on Beaches, flooding parking lots and threatening lifeguard towers.

Farther up the beach, the waves were splashing over a rock barrier, flooding the exterior walkways of an oceanside hotel with water up to the second floor.

Tom Papak was surprised Thursday while visiting Santa Monica from Rancho Santa Margarita with his wife.

"We come here once or twice a week and I've never seen the waves this big. It's just huge, you know, anywhere from five, six, seven feet. I guess last night they were around eight to 10 feet," Papak said.

Surfers at The Wedge in Newport Beach were taking on the swell.

Meanwhile, lifeguards in Los Angeles County were warning the public on social media about rip currents.

Wednesday afternoon, Newport Beach saw a few waves breach a 14-foot berm at the Balboa Pier.

Oy Vey!

Greenblatt’s Deli Closes

After serving the Los Angeles community for 95 years, Greenblatt's Deli and Fine Wines has closed.

The Jewish deli, located on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, first opened in 1926. Its closure marks yet another business casualty of the coronavirus pandemic.

Known as one of the best delis in LA, the restaurant served celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Marlon Brando to Halle Berry.

Wednesday night, customers lined up to bid the city staple a fond farewell, after hearing on social media just a few hours before Greenblatt's final closure that it would not reopen its doors.

"I'm shocked, because I never thought this would be a place that would go away," one customer said as she stood outside the deli. "This is an iconic place for everybody over the years.”


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