Love at First Sight

Pandemic Pets Featured For Adoption

By Observer Staff

LA County Department of Animal Care and Control (DACC) launched an enhanced adoption pro-gram called "Love at First Sight."

"It's intended to improve the adoption experience for customers, increase adoption rates, de-crease animals' length of stay in the care center, and increase efficient use of staff time at DACC's animal care centers," writes Don Belton, LA Animal Shelters PR person.

"During their visit, the potential adopter will be able to view all available animals and adopt on a first-come, first-served basis. This means no more waiting lists that can delay the adoption process – animals that are spayed or neutered and available that day will be listed as "Ready to Go Home,"" writes Shelton.

DACC recently implemented a community-based approach to keep pets in homes, reunite lost pets with their owners and reserve its seven animal care centers for the animals most in need – those that are sick, injured or pose a risk to public safety. Some highlights:

Intake among all seven County animal care centers has decreased by 46%. In fiscal year 2019-2020 46,135 animals came into the care centers. In fiscal year 2020-2021 only 24,856 animals were impounded.

Positive outcomes (adoptions, return to home, adoption by rescue groups) for sheltered animals increased from 54% to 68% for cats and remained steady at 88% for dogs despite the in-creased population of medically and behaviorally challenged dogs.

Respiratory illnesses decreased by 53% in dogs and by 82% in cats. This is attributed not only to fewer animals in the care center, but also fewer people and a more controlled environment through appointment-based services, contributing to a healthier and calmer experience for animals. Less stress means less illness.

Fewer incoming animals means that staff and volunteers can dedicate individual time and attention to assess, care for, and socialize the animals most in need. dog playgroups have expand-ed to all seven animal care centers, providing enrichment and social times for sheltered dogs.

Appointment-based services has allowed DACC to provide better customer service and enhanced adoption services.


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