Culver City Covid-19 Update

Contending with the highly transmissible Delta variant, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department has reported the following Covid-19 totals for Culver City and LA County:

Cases in Culver City – 2551 as of 8/11

Deaths in Culver City – 110 as of 8/11

Cases in LA County – 3498 reported on 8/11 (1,335,332 cases to date)

Deaths in LA County – 28 reported on 8/11 (24,833 deaths to date)

Currently, there are 1,573 people with COVID-19 currently hospitalized in the County – an increase of 331 people in one week – and 24% of these people are in the ICU. Testing results are available for more than 7,560,000 individuals with 23% of people testing positive. Yesterday's daily positivity rate was 4.6%

As hospitalizations continue to increase, the Department of Public Health highlights data showing that vaccinated people remain exceptionally well protected from severe COVID-19 illness.

Among the more than 5.1 million fully vaccinated people in LA County, Public Health identified less than 1% or 15,628 people fully vaccinated who tested positive for COVID-19 as of August 3. Of those who tested positive, 446 were hospitalized. This translates to 0.009% of all fully vaccinated people ending up hospitalized. Deaths in this group are also very low at 0.0008%, representing 41 people fully vaccinated that passed away.

"This compelling evidence shows that fully vaccinated people remain at low risk for becoming infected and even lower risk for having a bad outcome if they are infected," health officials said.


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