Samohi History Building

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They Didn't Suddenly Decide to Demolish It During the Pandemic

Photo: The History building at SamoHi. People could have looked into these plans long ago, but they don't pay attention until it's too late

Opinion by Rufus N. Baker

As a SAMOHI alum, class of 1970, and an SMMUSD employee since 1998, I, too, wish the District could save the combined SAMOHI History/Art/Business building complex.

But they didn't just suddenly decide during the pandemic. It's nothing new. We've known for years that SAMOHI is on a long-term program to tear down and replace all its buildings except the English building, which is a designated historic landmark.

They've made no secret of their plans. It's just that most people pay no attention until it's too late.

My biggest complaint is that the District is replacing old buildings with lots of staff restroom facilities with new buildings that have very few restrooms and I don't like that at all.

Rufus Baker is a longtime Santa Monica resident, and a retired teacher for the SMMUSD.


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