City Council to Tackle Trial Redesign of Overland/Ranch/Kelmore Intersection


August 5, 2021

The City Council will discuss at its August 9 meeting a plan calling for the temporary Quick Build re-design of the Overland/Ranch/Kelmore intersection which is expected "to enhance safety for all users of the intersection, while preserving existing parking, adding high-visibility crosswalks, and beautifying the gateway to/from the Culver Crest Neighborhood."

In response to community concerns regarding operational and safety conditions -- especially regarding pedestrian crossings at the Overland/Ranch/Kelmore intersection, the Public Works Department's Mobility and Traffic Engineering Division has sought ATP Quick-Build grant funds to temporarily redesign the intersection and obtain community feedback.

The city's application was approved for a grant award in the amount of $157,000 to fund the temporary construction of the redesign concept, staff said in a report.

Quick-Build projects seek to demonstrate temporary improvements that enhance multi-modal traffic safety and operations.

The demonstration period gives city officials the opportunity to obtain additional input from the community regarding the temporary redesign, which in turn will serve to improve the concept design and ensure that any final design and permanent construction will be the product of collaboration and consensus, city staff said.

At the April 27 Mobility, Traffic & Parking Subcommittee meeting, the Public Works Department presented the final draft plans and a review of community outreach and response to the project. The subcommittee subsequently submitted and recommended the plan to the City Council for approval.


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