Fifty Bruins to Participate in 2020 Olympics


A total of 50 current or former UCLA students have made Olympic rosters for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo – 40 competitors, three alternates and seven coaches/staff. The 2020 Games begin July 21 with soccer and softball games two days ahead of the Opening Ceremonies and will conclude on Aug. 8.

UCLA will be represented by 17 countries in Tokyo, with the majority from the United States (31). The other countries represented by Bruins are Canada (3), Australia (2), Great Britain (2), Colombia, France, Grenada, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Russia (competing under Russian Olympic Committee), Serbia, Singapore and Thailand.

Softball and women's water polo are tied for the most representation by sport, with five Bruins each. Gymnastics, women's soccer, track and field and men’s volleyball have four each. Other sports represented by Bruins are baseball (3), women’s basketball (3), women's swimming & diving (3), men’s basketball (2), women’s golf (2), women's rowing (2), men’s tennis (2), women’s tennis (2), women’s volleyball (2), men’s water polo (2), and women's beach volleyball (1).

For 12 of UCLA's 2020 Olympians, this will be a return visit to the Olympics. USA Women's Volleyball head coach Karch Kiraly is participating in his sixth Olympic Games, the most of any UCLA Olympian ever. He won gold with the USA Indoor Volleyball men's team in 1984 and 1988 and gold in beach volleyball in 1996. He has also coached the USA Women’s Volleyball teams to silver in 2012 as an assistant coach and to bronze in 2016 as the head coach.

Two members of the USA men's volleyball staff will be making their fourth Olympic appearances. USA and UCLA men's volleyball John Speraw is in his second Olympics as head coach for Team USA after serving as an assistant coach in 2008 and 2012, and team manager Erik Sullivan previously played on the 2000 and 2004 teams and was the team leader in 2016.

Making their third Olympic appearances are USA Women’s Water Polo head coach Adam Krikorian, who has led USA to gold medals in 2012 and 2016, swimmer Ting Wen Quah from Singapore and Dutch tennis player Jean-Julien Rojer. Returning for their second Olympics are Rachel Fattal and Maddie Musselman from the USA gold-medal winning team in 2016, Canadian basketball player Nirra Fields, 2016 Canadian soccer bronze medalist Jessie Fleming, and Colombian golfer Mariajo Uribe. USA assistant baseball coach Jerry Weinstein returns to the Olympics nearly 20 years after his first Olympic assistant coaching stint.

Three former alternates will make their first official Olympic team this year. Women’s soccer player Sam Mewis and men’s volleyball player Garrett Muagututia were U.S. alternates in 2016, and Jamaican gymnast Danusia Francis was an alternate for Great Britain in 2012.

Nine of the 2020 UCLA Olympians are current students or incoming freshmen – graduate student Bubba Nickles (USA Softball); seniors Shae Anderson (USA Track & Field), Maddie Musselman (USA Water Polo), and Bronte Halligan (Australia Water Polo); sophomore Angela Dugalić (Serbia Women’s Basketball), redshirt freshman Brooklyn Moors (Canada Gymnastics) and incoming freshmen Eden Cheng (Great Britain Diving), Jordan Chiles (USA Gymnastics) and Emma Malabuyo (USA Gymnastics).

A total of 412 Bruin Olympians have now combined to make 613 Olympic teams since the 1928 Games. UCLA students and alumni have won 254 Olympic medals (129 gold, 64 silver, 61 bronze).

(Note: this total only includes full Olympic team members who attended UCLA and does not include alternates, coaches or staff)

Additionally, six UCLA alumni will be part of NBC's broadcast team at the Games – Ato Boldon (track & field), Cari Champion (Peacock host), Kay Cockerill (golf), Tim Daggett (gymnastics), Tom Feuer (race walking), and Kevin Wong (beach volleyball).

2020 UCLA Olympians

Athletes (43)

Shae Anderson - USA Track & Field (4x400 Relay Pool/Alternate)

(UCLA senior, 2020-present)

Rai Benjamin – USA Track & Field (400m Hurdles)

(competed at UCLA from 2016-17, at USC in 2018)

Jennifer Brady – USA Tennis (Singles)

(competed at UCLA from 2014-15)

Saskia Budgett – Great Britain Rowing (Alternate)

(competed at UCLA from 2016-19)

Ally Carda – USA Softball

(competed at UCLA from 2012-15)

Eden Cheng – Great Britain Diving (10m synchronized)

(incoming UCLA freshman)

Jordan Chiles – USA Gymnastics

(incoming UCLA freshman)

Abby Dahlkemper – USA Soccer

(competed at UCLA from 2011-14)

Angela Dugalić – Serbia Basketball

(incoming UCLA sophomore transfer)

Rachel Fattal – USA Water Polo

(competed at UCLA from 2013-17)

Nirra Fields – Canada Basketball

(competed at UCLA from 2013-16)

Eric Filia – USA Baseball

(competed at UCLA from 2012-16)

Jessie Fleming – Canada Soccer

(competed at UCLA from 2016-19)

Danusia Francis – Jamaica Gymnastics

(competed at UCLA from 2013-16)

Rachel Garcia – USA Softball

(competed at UCLA from 2017-21)

Marcos Giron – USA Tennis (Singles)

(competed at UCLA from 2012-14)

Sondre Guttormsen – Norway Track & Field (Pole Vault)

(competed at UCLA in 2019, at Princeton in 2021)

Bronte Halligan – Australia Water Polo

(UCLA senior, 2017-present)

Jrue Holiday – USA Basketball

(competed at UCLA in 2009)

Max Irving – USA Water Polo

(competed at UCLA from 2014-17)

Marie Jacquet – France Rowing (Quadruple Sculls)

(competed at UCLA from 2015-17)

Zach LaVine – USA Basketball

(competed at UCLA in 2014)

Emma Malabuyo – USA Gymnastics (Alternate)

(incoming UCLA freshman)

Sam Mewis – USA Soccer

(competed at UCLA from 2011-14)

Teagan Micah – Australia Soccer

(competed at UCLA from 2016-19)

Brooklyn Moors – Canada Gymnastics

(UCLA redshirt freshman, 2021-pres.)

Garrett Muagututia – USA Volleyball

(competed at UCLA from 2007-10)

Maddie Musselman – USA Women's Water Polo

(UCLA senior, competed at UCLA from 2017-present)

Bubba Nickles – USA Softball

(UCLA graduate student; competed at UCLA from 2017-21)

Atonye Nyingifa – Nigeria Basketball

(competed at UCLA from 2019-14)

Maria Polyakova – Russian Olympic Committee Diving (3-meter)

(competed at UCLA from 2016-19)

Ting Wen Quah – Singapore Swimming

(competed at UCLA from 2011-14)

Meleni Rodney – Grenada Track & Field

(competed at UCLA from 2018-21)

Jean-Julien Rojer – Netherlands Tennis (Doubles)

(competed at UCLA from 2000-02)

Ena Shibahara – Japan Tennis (Doubles)

(competed at UCLA from 2017-18)

Delaney Spaulding – USA Softball

(competed at UCLA from 2014-17)

Sarah Sponcil – USA Beach Volleyball

(competed at UCLA from 2018-19)

Mitch Stahl – USA Volleyball

(competed at UCLA from 2014-17)

Patty Tavatanakit – Thailand Golf

(competed at UCLA from 2018-19)

Mariajo Uribe – Colombia Women's Golf

(competed at UCLA from 2007-09)

Zack Weiss – Israel Baseball

(competed at UCLA from 2011-13)

Alys Williams – USA Water Polo

(competed at UCLA from 2013-17)

Alex Wolf – USA Water Polo

(competed at UCLA from 2015-19)

Coaches (5)

Tairia Flowers – USA Softball Assistant Coach

(competed at UCLA from 2000-03)

Karch Kiraly – USA Women's Volleyball Head Coach

(competed at UCLA from 1979-82)

Adam Krikorian – USA Women's Water Polo Head Coach

(competed at UCLA from 1992-95, coached at UCLA from 1999-2009)

John Speraw – USA Men's Volleyball Head Coach

(competed at UCLA from 1992-95, assistant coach at UCLA from 1996-2002, head coach at UCLA from 2013-present)

Jerry Weinstein – USA Baseball Assistant Coach

(competed at UCLA in 1965)

Staff (2)

Sue Enquist – USA Women’s Volleyball Consultant Coach

(competed on the softball team at UCLA from 1975-78; assistant softball coach at UCLA from 1980-88; head softball coach at UCLA from 1989-2006)

Erik Sullivan – USA Men's Volleyball Team Manager

(competed at UCLA from 1992-95)

2020 UCLA Olympic Participants - by Sport

Baseball (3)

Eric Filia – USA

Zack Weiss – Israel

Jerry Weinstein – USA (Assistant Coach)

Men’s Basketball (2)

Jrue Holiday – USA

Zach LaVine – USA

Women's Basketball (3)

Angela Dugalić - Serbia

Nirra Fields – Canada

Atonye Nyingifa - Nigeria

Beach Volleyball (1)

Sarah Sponcil – USA

Diving (2)

Eden Cheng – Great Britain

Maria Polyakova – Russian Olympic Committee

Women's Golf (2)

Patty Tavatanakit - Thailand

Mariajo Uribe - Colombia

Women’s Gymnastics (4)

Jordan Chiles – USA

Danusia Francis - Jamaica

Emma Malabuyo – USA (alternate)

Brooklyn Moors - Canada

Women's Rowing (2)

Saskia Budgett – Great Britain (alternate)

Marie Jacquet – France (Quadruple Sculls)

Women's Soccer (4)

Abby Dahlkemper - USA

Jessie Fleming – Canada

Sam Mewis – USA

Teagan Micah - Australia

Softball (5)

Ally Carda – USA

Rachel Garcia – USA

Bubba Nickles – USA

Delaney Spaulding – USA

Tairia Flowers – USA (Assistant Coach)

Women's Swimming (1)

Ting Wen Quah – Singapore (50m Free, 100 Free)

Men’s Tennis (2)

Marcos Giron – USA (Singles)

Jean-Julien Rojer – Netherlands (Doubles)

Women’s Tennis (2)

Jennifer Brady – USA (Singles)

Ena Shibahara – Japan (Doubles)

Track & Field (4)

Shae Anderson – USA (Mixed 4x400m Relay Pool)

Rai Benjamin – USA (400m Hurdles)

Sondre Guttormsen – Norway (Pole Vault)

Meleni Rodney – Grenada (400m)

Men's Volleyball (4)

Garrett Muagututia - USA

Mitch Stahl - USA

John Speraw – USA (Head Coach)

Erik Sullivan – USA (Team Manager)

Women's Volleyball (2)

Karch Kiraly – USA (Head Coach)

Sue Enquist – USA Consultant Coach

Men's Water Polo (2)

Max Irving - USA

Alex Wolf - USA

Women's Water Polo (5)

Rachel Fattal – USA

Bronte Halligan - Australia

Maddie Musselman - USA

Alys Williams - USA

Adam Krikorian – USA (Head Coach)

2020 UCLA Olympic Participants - by Country

USA (31)

Shae Anderson – Women’s Track & Field

Ria Benjamin – Men’s Track & Field

Jennifer Brady – Women’s Tennis

Ally Carda – Softball

Jordan Chiles – Women’s Gymnastics

Abby Dahlkemper – Women’s Soccer

Sue Enquist – Women’s Volleybal

Rachel Fattal – Women's Water Polo

Eric Filia – Baseball

Tairia Flowers - Softball

Rachel Garcia – Softball

Marcos Giron – Men’s Tennis

Jrue Holiday – Men’s Basketball

Max Irving – Men’s Water Polo

Karch Kiraly – Women's Volleyball

Adam Krikorian – Women's Water Polo

Zach LaVine – Men’s Basketball

Emma Malabuyo – Women’s Gymnastics

Sam Mewis – Women's Soccer

Garrett Muagututia – Men’s Volleyball

Maddie Musselman – Women's Water Polo

Bubba Nickles – Softball

Delaney Spaulding – Softball

Sarah Sponcil – Beach Volleyball

John Speraw – Men's Volleyball

Mitch Stahl – Men’s Volleyball

Erik Sullivan – Men's Volleyball

Eric Wolf – Men’s Water Polo

Jerry Weinstein - Baseball

Alys Williams – Women’s Water Polo

Alex Wolf – Men’s Water Polo

Canada (3)

Nirra Fields – Women's Basketball

Jessie Fleming – Women's Soccer

Brooklyn Moors – Women’s Gymnastics

Australia (2)

Bronte Halligan – Women’s Water Polo

Tegan Micah – Women’s Soccer

Great Britain (2)

Sakia Budgett – Women’s Rowing

Eden Cheng – Women’s Diving

Colombia (1)

Mariajo Uribe – Women's Golf

France (1)

Marie Jacquet – Women’s Rowing

Grenada (1)

Meleni Rodney – Women’s Track & Field

Israel (1)

Zack Weiss - Baseball

Jamaica (1)

Danusia Francis - Gymnastics

Japan (1)

Ena Shibahara – Women’s Tennis

Nigeria (1)

Atonye Nyingifa – Women's Basketball

Norway (1)

Sondre Guttormsen – Track & Field

Netherlands (1)

Jean-Julien Rojer – Men's Tennis

Russian Olympic Committee (1)

Maria Polyakova – Women’s Diving

Serbia (1)

Angela Dugalić – Women’s Basketball

Singapore (1)

Ting Wen Quah – Women's Swimming

Thailand (1)

Patty Tavatanakit – Women’s Golf


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