6 Motorists Arrested At DUI Checkpoint in Culver City

Half a dozen motorists were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and another handful were cited for driving without a driver's license at a checkpoint last Friday, Culver City police said.

The DUI and driver's license checkpoint was conducted in the 11400 block of Washington Boulevard on July 16, according to Culver City Police Department.

"The checkpoints are an important traffic safety enforcement detail that provides for the safety of all motorists on the road," said police in a statement.

CCPD said of the 884 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, 389 vehicles were screened and yielded. Here is more info about the arrests and citations:

· 6 DUI arrest inside the checkpoint

· 1 DUI arrest outside the checkpoint

· 1 gun arrest inside the checkpoint

· 4 unlicensed driver citations inside the checkpoint

· 2 unlicensed driver citations outside the checkpoint

· 1 suspended license citation inside the checkpoint

· 6 vehicles were towed (5 for DUI, 1 for Unlicensed Driver)

"We would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly and keep our streets safe by not driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs," police said. "Buzzed driving is drunk driving

The checkpoint was part of the 2021 California Office of Traffic Safety grant requirements for CCPD.


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