SM Eviction Moratorium Extended to October

"It continues to be a critical safety net for residents" affected by Covid-19 pandemic, says City Manager

By Jack Simon

Santa Monica has extended its residential eviction moratorium until September, city officials announced this week.

Last week, the city adopted a 38th supplement to Santa Monica's local emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic that explicitly adopts most provisions of Los Angeles County's residential tenant eviction moratorium. With the new supplement, residential rent due during the period July 1 through September 30, 2021, may now be deferred for 12 months, city officials said.

The city's emergency order adopts county provisions that effectively extends most protections for renters until September 30, city said in a press release.

"The eviction moratorium continues to be a critical safety net for many residents whose livelihoods have been challenged by the impacts of COVID-19," said Interim City Manager John Jalili. "There are funds available from the State for rent assistance to cover unpaid rent and landlords and tenants are encouraged to apply."

In addition to eviction protections for nonpayment of rent, the city has adopted county provisions that prohibit the following types of evictions until September 30: no-fault termination of tenancy or occupancy; unauthorized occupants/unauthorized pets; and nuisance.

"The city did not adopt a county provision extending eviction protection for denial of entry into a unit," officials said. "The city's provision on this will expire on June 30."

City officials said California is considering legislation to extend the state-law protections against evictions of residential tenants premised on non-payment of rent.

Landlords and tenants can apply for State of California funds for rent assistance to cover unpaid rent at For more information, visit or call the City at 311. 


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