New Council Member Lana Negrete

By David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer

In a 4 to 2 vote, the Santa Monica City Council appointed Lana Fernandez Negrete to take Kevin McKeown's seat on the 7 member Santa Monica City Council.

The Council selected Negrete from 34 eligible candidates who submitted their interest for the appointment to the seat vacated by Kevin McKeown in June. Her term lasts until November 2022.

"Lana Negrete was born and raised in Santa Monica and is the owner of the Santa Monica Music Center. As a mother, she has long been active in the local PTA and cares deeply about education and youth empowerment, particularly through the arts. Negrete is among the 70% of Santa Monicans who are renters," continued the press release.

Phil Brock says that he recruited Negrete precisely because she is associated neither with Santa Monica Forward, nor with SMRR. "We need to break SMRR and Forward from controlling our City Hall, and assert our independence," Brock said.

He described Negrete as "courageous and outspoken, independent and strong. She was very concerned about public safety, homelessness, and local schools. Personally I wanted to appoint someone who was homegrown, had a small business here, and shared local concerns," he added.

The appointment is historic in another respect. For the first time in 42 years, Santa Monica's for Renters Rights does not enjoy a majority on the 7 member City Council.


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