Man Defending GF Not Charged After Death.

By Stan Greene

The DA's office has declined to file charges after one man stabbed and killed another on the Third Street Promenade and Broadway.

The SMPD says that the District Attorneys Office reviewed the evidence, and determined that Graves had acted in self defense. The updated press release from SMPD dated 6/24. It says that suspect Alexander Graves was with a woman. The couple was confronted by the man he stabbed, who pointed a handgun at them and fired it.

Video camera footage backs up Graves' version of events.

Graves stabbed the gunman in the neck. He later died from his injuries. The incident occurred on Monday June 21 at about 7:30PM, just off the promenade, Police said.

The SMPD released a mugshot of suspect Alexander Graves. The tattoo above his head says "Jesus is Lord." Identities of victims are not ordinarily released, but Lt. Rudy Flores did confirm that he was not a Santa Monica resident.


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