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Summer Travel Ramps Up

Unlike last summer where the entire country was stuck at home, millions of Americans are expected to travel this summer. Many will be expected to travel to Los Angeles, where the Santa Monica Pier of course is a favorite destination.

In recent years, LAX has become so crowded that it can be impossible to park or even to stop. The Los Angeles Airport Authority, which runs 5 local airports, has been building a metro train line into the airport, which adds to the confusion and the tangle of ramps and concrete.

JetBlue Airlines has announced that it will immediately resume passenger service at Ontario International Airports and Burbank, which had been suspended

The discount air service will offer flights to JFK and Washington DC, from Burbank, Ontario, and LAX.

In 2019, LAX handled 88,068,013 passengers, making it the world's third busiest and the United States' second busiest airport following Atlanta, says Wikipedia

State Reopening Confusion

California reopens on June 15th, but people will still be required by the State to wear a mask in many settings.

After June 15th, you will still need a mask to ride public transportation. This includes all modes of transportation, including planes, trains and automobiles; ride-shares, taxis, even on ships. People will have to cover their faces at the transportation hubs, even after June 15th.

As for schools, the rules may change if the CDC changes Guidance. But for the moment, everyone will have to mask up.

The State’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) says that workers will be required to wear masks in health care, K-12 schools, jails, prisons, detention centers, cooling centers, homeless shelters, emergency shelters. Food handlers will continue to wear masks, OSHA says, even after June 15th.

California will require proof of vaccination for those wishing to attend indoor or outdoor concerts, “mega-events”, festivals and car shows. As for indoor sporting events; you guessed, mask up. At outdoor events, vaccination or covid negative tests will be “recommended” for attendees. If you have neither, you will not be allowed in indoor events with or without a mask.

At all indoor public settings, unless you have proof of vaccination, you will be required to wear a mask.

Caitlyn Jenner Will be Inclusive

In a recent interview with KABC-TV, candidate for Governor Caitlyn Jenner told a reporter that it’s worth it for the State of California to spend $215 million for the recall election, because Gov. Newsom is “destroying the state.”

He says he’s a big fan of LASD Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who will lift regulations in many areas.

As for the timing, Jenner said she doesn’t think the ebbing of Covid will hurt her chances, because voters will remember jobs lost, kids out of school and businesses shuttered by Gov. Gavin Newsom during the pandemic. She says she applauds what Pres. Trump did with his messaging, but likes some of his policies

“As an inclusive Republican, I believe in good conservative economic values, I believe in the Constitution, and that taxpayer should get a fair return on his taxes in this state. I feel like I”m the face of the Republican Party for the future,” which she says needs to become more inclusive

Jenner told KABC that she will build a bigger border wall by taking money from the apparently failed SF to LA Bull


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