St. Bernard High School Returns Students to Campus!

Successful Welcome Week Brings Students Back After More Than A Year

Smiling faces, hidden by facemasks of course, were evident across the St. Bernard high school campus last week as the Playa del Rey school launched a successful Welcome Week event that saw students return to campus after more than a year of remote learning.

In addition to attending a comprehensive orientation program covering new on-campus safety protocols designed to address the COVID-19 virus, students completed back-to-school reflections, set goals for the future and participated in faith formation.

"It's starting to feel like we're getting back to normal," said St. Bernard Principal Richard Billups. "The return to campus was very successful, and it's great to see our students back in class and our teachers being able to interact with them face-to-face."

Billups said the new protocols, including wearing facemasks, social distancing and other procedures designed to protect students and staff, will take some getting used to.

"But no matter what the inconveniences are, there is no substitute for having learning happen on-campus and face-to-face," he said.

Carter Paysinger, the school's Executive Director of Institutional Advancement. said there have been no issues with students, staff or teachers contracting or spreading COVID and added that the school's athletics program has been up and running for several months, following strict safety protocols.

"While we cannot yet invite fans to watch our student-athletes in action, we have taken advantage of every opportunity to have family members attend while social distancing and to livestream as many games as possible so our fans, alumni and extended families can watch the Viking in action," he said.

"This is our new normal," said Billups, adding that he is hopeful for the future. "The numbers look good and as long as people continue to do their part, we believe we can return all of our students to campus in the fall and begin the process of allowing students to have a true Viking experience!"


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