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Time to Move Out of Santa Monica


April 15, 2021

The entire top-down, governmentally directed placement of number and types of housing in the region, and in Santa Monica, is doomed to failure.

by Corva Corvax

A Logical Opinion

Dressed up in the language of compassion and social justice, the City Council's vote on March 30 to accommodate 6,168 affordable housing units, 70% of whatever new housing is built, and then to disperse these affordable units throughout the city, including along Montana Avenue and Main Street, is in reality a despicable theft of the earnings of hardworking residents and will end up benefiting no one.

There are so many fatal flaws in the logic, data, and goals involved in both the city staff's report on housing and the council's 4-3...

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Reader Comments(4)

choice writes:

I'd like to live in Beverly Hills, BelAir, Bentwood, or Malibu. The idea the government place a cloud on my property by flexing what they want for social engineering is at the expense of those that worked hard to live in an environment of choice. I'd also like to drive a Tesla or Mercedes Benz rather than a Yaris. This process is the beginning of chipping away at private property and having government dictate how you live.

bereal writes:

Santa Monica needs to wake up to reality. You are a SMALL city with a SMALL budget. Do you really think owners Nth of Montana are going to rush to build ADU's for rentals? The more you build up, the more you are taking quality of life away from residents - SUNLIGHT! Live within your means and get a grip - this is not 1978 anymore folks. People are moving to TX, AZ for a reason.

Standalone writes:

With the past year being devastating, reading this post has brought some clarity.. No matter what goes on in the world, be it good times or end of days, those with money will always be more concerned with their money and property value, as if you could take it with you...Why do you get to determine where mankind lives..

Rezoning writes:

Sure, there will be (much overdue) rezoning that will affect market value; but as per your writing there is little of value outside your own investment. I am sure you can understand why keep pushing the working poor and the 40 year old's that need roommates to afford to live in the city, to Riverside or Lancaster... well, is not a solution either. Neighborhoods change, constantly; just ask those who have been displaced by gentrification. Rezoning is long overdue, not only in Santa Monica.


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