Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers will host Jeopardy in April

Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl-winning quarterback for the Green Bay Packers is new guest host of

Jeopardy. Rodgers will guest host 10 episodes in April.

He follows Dr. Mehmet Oz, Katie Couric, executive producer Mike Richards and former champion Ken

Jennings as interim hosts who have filled in since game show icon Alex Trebek died.

"The voice of Alex was one of those voices of my youth," said Rodgers, who might be the biggest

"Jeopardy!" fan the NFL has ever seen. "Ninety percent of my TiVo is wrapped up in 'Jeopardy!'


Rodgers won "Jeopardy!" as a contestant on a celebrity edition of the show back in 2015.

"I remember thinking this would be like a dream job," he said. "I love trivia so much."


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