LA Now Closing Echo Lake Park As Protests Disperse

3/25 Echo Park Lake was the scene of a confrontation Wednesday night, between about 100 LAPD officers, homeless rights advocates, and homeless people themselves.

Los Angeles’ Echo Park Lake is being shut down today, as a homeless camp is cleared. The city plans more than half-million dollars in repairs.

LA police surrounded the park this morning and city contractors are building fences after a large group of protestors finally left the area. One demonstrator was cited and released for failing to comply with orders from a police officer.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell is being criticized by protestors who believe dispersing the camp will spread COVID-19. O’Farrell says more than 120 people who were camped in the area are now in transitional housing.

Many residents of the Echo Park neighborhood support the clean up and believe crime is on the rise, due to the presence of hundreds of homeless people camped out on the edges of an urban lake.


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