Lebron James Continues Legacy with Lakers and Red Sox


March 18, 2021

by Nick Hamilton

Sports Reporter

After the Lakers destroyed the Minnesota Timberwolves 137-123 on Tuesday night, Lebron James recorded his 99th career triple-double as he finished with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists. Before the game the news broke that he and business partner Maverick Carter had become a part of the Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the parent company of the Boston Red Sox.

"For me and my partner Maverick (Carter) to be the first two Black men to be a part of that ownership group... in the history of that franchise, I think it's pretty damn cool," James said.

James and Carter now join Magic Johnson of the Dodgers ownership group and Derek Jeter of the Marlins ownership group as the only other Black owners in Major League Baseball. Previously James held a 2% ownership stake in Liverpool FC franchise back in 2011 with FSG. Ownership and business outside of basketball have been extremely important for James throughout his career, and set the example to many other players on how to think about life after basketball before their careers end.

Between business moves in the media and entertainment worlds, speaking out against various social justice issues, including voter suppression, setting records on the court, James still has his eyes set on becoming an NBA owner at some point.

"My goal is to own an NBA team. I've got so much to give to the game," James said. "I know what it takes to win at this level, I know talent. It'll be sooner than later."

Being an avid baseball and Yankees fan, James and his business partners have always been about excellence and understanding the history of the sport. These outstanding ownership moves can definitely open doors for more Black ownership to happen in a league that has less than seven percent Black American baseball players on current rosters today. James' influence can also spike a growing fan base amongst Black and Latino communities for the viewership factor in due time.

This is a huge step for the Boston Red Sox as an organization who has had a history of racist practices decades ago, in a city who has not been the best in race relations over time. The Red Sox were the last MLB franchise to integrate Black players on their teams. Having two powerful and influential Black men in the owners box, sends a very powerful and clear message.

One, it's time to add more color to baseball ownership. Two, for the kids growing up it shows that with the proper timing and financial access you can achieve great heights. And lastly, you can do anything you truly envision and execute.

James continues to inspire and relate across racial and gender lines, and opening doors for many others in waiting.


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