Lifeguards Make 71 Rescues

A combination of strong winds, large inshore holes and crowded beaches made for weekend count of 71 rescues.

"A combination of strong winds and large inshore holes made for weekend tally of 71 Ocean Rescues across Los Angeles County," County Lifeguards posted on Instagram.

"Saturday morning, we saw crowded lineups early before strong N/NE winds impacted much of the Santa Monica Bay."

"These cross/offshore winds aligned with uneven ocean floor and short period wind swell to create hazardous conditions for many surfers/swimmers resulting in several ocean rescues. Sunday turned out to be another off-season beach day with light winds and temperatures into the 70s. "

Inshore holes continue to be leading cause for ocean rescues over the past couple of weeks. Stay tuned as we take a more in depth look at inshore holes and the hazards that they pose for beachgoers," posted lifeguards on Instagram.

These areas may be difficult for people to identify and beachgoers should consult a lifeguard before entering the water to get a report of the conditions.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department provides Lifeguards throughout the County. Unseasonably warm weather has brought crowds to the County's beaches, which increases the number of swimmers and the number of rescues.


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