Students, Parents Demand School Reopening

Public health officials, state and local policy makers, and teachers unions have largely driven the debate over school reopening's. But across California, establishing coalitions to demand school campuses reopen.

A newly-formed statewide group, Open Schools California, has parent groups all over the state: in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento. Many mobilized after Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed his “Safe Schools for All” plan that eyed February as the month to try to reopen classrooms.

Along with calling for campuses to reopen, parents want more transparency from school districts and a seat at the table to discuss reopening plans.

Students themselves recently demonstrated at a high school in Agoura Hills, asking that schools reopen as soon as possible. While this opinion is probably not universal, many students complain of loneliness and boredom at home. Others just want to see their friends.

Across the state, students at home have been educated by their moms. Many of these women themselves would prefer to return to work


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