Sacto to End Single Family Homes

Sacto to End Single Family Homes

In an unprecedented move, Sacramento may soon approve a plan that would make the city the first in California, and one of the first in the country, to end zoning that permits only one single-family home on a property.

The plan would allow up to four apartments to be constructed on a lot previously zoned R-1, allowing only a single family home. Healthcare and technology people have been moving from the expensive Bay Area, where a two bedroom apartment runs around 5000 a month, to Sacramento, reports the times.

“The migration has bolstered the city’s arts and cultural scene, but rents have gone up by double digits and rising homelessness has prompted protests over deteriorating conditions for people on the streets."

Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg backs the proposal, as do a coalition of progressive voters and activists. They have formed organizations across the state called Yes in My Backyard, or YIMBY, that push for similar measures.

“Sacramento should be a pioneer in saying ‘yes’ to more homes for all,” the organization wrote last month to the City Council.


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