Woman 'Violently Punched, Kicked in Head' During Attempted Robbery in Fox Hills

A woman walking in Fox Hills was "violently punched and kicked in the head" during an attempted robbery last Sunday afternoon, Culver City Police reported.

The victim told police officers that she was walking on Green Valley Circle, near Bristol Parkway, when she noticed a man walking directly towards her on the sidewalk. "The victim tried to politely move to the side to allow him to pass, however he mirrored her actions," police in a press release.

"As the suspect got closer to the victim, he yelled at her demanding her cell phone. Before the victim could respond, the suspect knocked her to the ground and began to violently punch and kick her in the head and body," police said.

After several bystanders in the area began to yell and draw attention to the assault, the suspect ran and jumped into a beige 4-door sedan, according to the police report. The sedan along with a black SUV then drove away in tandem westbound on Green Valley Circle. The suspect is described as a male black, 20 years old, 6' tall, thin build, with corn-row style braided hair.

Culver City Fire Department responded to the scene to treat the victim for her injuries.

Anyone with information about the February 7 attempted robbery is asked to contact Lieutenant Estrada at (310) 253-6316.


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