Bingo Fundraiser, Fun For the Family

Culver City PTSA & Exchange Club February BINGO Fundraiser on Friday, February 19, From 7:00-9:00pm.

Welcome to our BINGO! Fundraiser The cost is $5 per card. This will be a family friendly evening. There will be multiple opportunities to win with Trivia!

Links for the zoom and to print your BINGO cards will be sent out a few days before the event and will be posted on the Culver City Facebook page at

And on our website at: They recommend that you download and print at a least 10 copies of your bingo cards to use for the games. We will play at least ten games, more if time and prizes are available.

Contact us if you have prizes to donate. You may also donate funds to help offset the cost of the prizes.

You can purchase and play multiple cards. The cards are assigned to your group. You can distribute and play them as you wish.


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