Council Approves 'Quick-Build' Bike/Bus Lane in Downtown CC

City Council this week approved a "quick-build" mobility project to create a dedicated bike/bus lane in Downtown Culver City and the Arts District.

"This is a tactical mobility project," said Mayor Alex Fisch. "It is an effort to move as many people as possible as quickly as possible, including people in cars rather than moving cars."

The new mobility lane is the first part of MOVE Culver City, a large pilot project created last July by the council to maximize the use of the roadway and improve mobility in the city.

The MOVE project includes three corridors: Downtown//Arts District corridor on Culver and Washington Boulevards (Downtown Corridor), Sepulveda Boulevard, and Jefferson Boulevard.

The Downtown Corridor project will create bike/bus lanes in both directions on the 1.3 mile stretch of Culver Boulevard and Washington Boulevard between Culver./Duquesne Avenue and Washington//La Cienega Avenue. This corridor will connect Downtown Culver City with the E-Line Culver City Station and the Arts District.

Unlike other civic constructions, this project will be done through a quick-build pilot implementation process, which includes a condensed schedule, temporary materials, and community engagement approach, city staff said. Designs can be monitored prior to implementation in order to test the improvements and the impacts on mobility throughout the corridor and adjacent neighborhoods.

This approach will also allow the city" to refine and re-evaluate the project in an iterative process," said Mayor Fisch

In addition to improving the infrastructure for transit, the MOVE Culver City project will also enhance mobility by implementing a Circulator service and a Microtransit service, which will leverage the mobility lanes to provide faster and more reliable service in the city, officials said.

Overall, the project will facilitate the safe and fluid movement of buses, bikes, scooters, and emergency vehicles through Downtown Culver City, the Helms District, and the Arts District.

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