Enough of CC Councilmember Dan Lee calling CC Police Racists

Dear Editor,

I have to agree with Mr Z. I am getting really tired of our elected officials calling our excellent police department racist. It sickens me the way that they have highjacked that word to push their radical agenda. Further, I found Mr Sarabia’s report absolutely biased and to liken police departments in the USA to slave catchers etc is incendiary, childish and unprofessional. This is the effect of Critical Race Theory being taught as fact in schools when it’s as factually based as Flat Earth or Creationism Theologies. Enough is enough with the racist calling. I agree that Council Member Lee needs to issue an apology but I notice he is not even cc’d on this email.

I hope the Culver City papers print his offensive remark so that residents can see who are representing them in council.


David Hoyt

Culver City


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