Culver City Rally Planned for Inauguration Day

“A group known as Culver City Kennedy Democrats will be holding a Free Speech Rally on Wednesday January 20 s at Culver City Veterans Memorial Park, according to Robert Zirgulis president of Culver City Kennedy Democrats.

“Whether you like President Trump or not, ”our freedom of speech and first amendment rights are being attacked by social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon when they silence alternative speech that they don't like” according to Zirgulis.

“The rally coincides on the same day as the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States.

Culver City Chief of Police Manny Cid issued the following Wednesday January 6th, “The Culver City Police Department is aware of the current situation involving acts of civil unrest in Washington D.C., and we will continue to monitor the incident as it develops. At this time, there are no credible threats of violence or civil unrest involving our community, but we will continue to closely monitor and assess the situation regionally. We would like to assure the community that the Culver City Police Department is prepared to appropriately respond to any incidents occurring within our City. We have an operational plan in place and our department is currently on tactical alert. We have also assigned additional uniformed patrol officers to the field to respond to calls for service and provide a highly visible presence around the City.

“As always, the Police Department is committed to working with our City’s leadership and our regional partners to ensure our entire community’s safety, as well as to recognize and value the rights of all members of the community to peacefully exercise their First Amendment Rights. The Culver City Police Department will always strive to ensure the rights and liberties of all our community members are protected, while providing a high level of safety for all our residents, businesses, and visitors.”


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Neighbor writes:

Isn’t there a rule against gatherings? Will this tun into a super spreader event? Perhaps it will be just Mr.. Z and Mr B.

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