Prison Guards Don't Have to Get Covid Vaccine

By Amber Jackson, Lucky Lifer

Since Covid-19 began, many basic needs go unmet. We face extreme lows. Not knowing when it will end. Wondering if you're in a nightmare. Is this an endurance test? Is this war? Am I being mentally water boarded? Is this only prison? I'd rather deploy to a combat zone.

See, I'm on almost a month straight of "quarantine" AKA lockdown here at the California Institution for Women in Corona, California. This began December 2nd here. Why? Because prison staff carried Covid-19 into the prison, AGAIN. The only way officials seem to deal with that is to keep us in our cells 23 1/2 hours a day. Only coming out for daily 15 minute phone call, and shower. Plain and simple. Including Christmas day. All in the name of health and safety. What about one's mental health? Well, in California, a state prisoner's mental health be damned!

There is already a poster on the wall encouraging inmates to get the vaccine if we want to 'go back to school' or 'see our friends.' Really? So, you'd assume prison guards would be first to get vaccinated, right?? Not so! Not California correctional peace officers!! That's right!! As of right now, they do NOT have to get vaccinated. Many will choose not to. Now, to be fair, I will not take the vaccine either. However, I'm not a guard who comes and goes from a prison daily. And who has the very real potential to reintroduce this virus to a prison population. And who has a responsibility and a duty to do everything possible to prevent this from happening. So, you see my point.

As the vaccine becomes more and more available, almost all businesses will require you to have a vaccine to work there or to do business there. Airplanes, theme parks, schools, you name it. Your 5 year old will have to be vaccinated, yet not state prison guards?? After numerous Covid-19 outbreaks happening specifically in the prisons?? Resulting in many deaths across the state! This shows you how seriously state prison top officials take this virus and the health and safety of its employees, prisoners and the public. Actions speak. This NON action screams! At least we know where those in charge stand on this. No words needed.

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