Meow, Not Now

Cat Cafe and Lounge Still Offering Highly Social Cats and Kittens to Adopt During a Pandemic

By Stan Greene

Someone in Japan thought of a Cat Cafe: A place where you could go have a cup of coffee, while a couple dozen felines brush past your legs and snuggle in your lap. You could even take one home. A cat, not just coffee.

Then came March 16, 2020, the pandemic and lockdowns. The no kill shelter that is West LA's Cat Cafe and Lounge, is still open due with the help of volunteers and staff, and the public is still welcome to bring home a new kitten or adult cat. But the cafe is closed to the public, for people who want to go and drink coffee and just hang out with the cats.

"Sip coffee & snuggle with a room full of cats. All cats are available for adoption. LAs only nonprofit cat cafe. Snuggle with cats for a cause. Destinations: Nonprofit, Cat Adoption, Cafe," says

Cat Cafe and Lounge helps socialize cats better than a shelter. Cats are ready, willing and able to give unlimited love to a family or single person.

And these are adorable cats! They come with names like Badger, Quesadilla and Rocket, but you can change the name if you don't like it. They are also vaccinated and usually housebroken. So take one home soon.

"Cat Cafe's by nature help cats be social and open up to people. But we take SOCIALIZATION one step further. High-fives aside, roughly 5% of our population are under-socialized. These are the type of cats that are going to be euthanized because they "aren't adoptable". With the help of our resident volunteer and Feline Behaviorist, Cristin, identifies and aids the CatCafe Lounge team in rehabilitating these forgotten kitties so they can find a furever home. High-five to that!" says the website.

"Lover of cats (although very allergic), Kristi Labrenz took the business fundamentals learned in corporate America and combined them with the sage advice from rescue change-maker BFAS, and created CatCafe Lounge in 2017."

"I dreamed of creating a more humane way to adopt cats. Providing them an environment designed for their needs, finding a team that would champion them, and ultimately help them find the best furever home. Our driving force is COMPASSION. For our rescue partner, SCA, that we support in expanding their life-saving efforts, for every kitty that comes under our roof, and of course for our supporters and guests. When you visit CatCafe Lounge you immediately feel at home and soak in all the genuine love we have for cats, togetherness, and life. "

The Cat Cafe and Lounge is located at 1736 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025. You may call them at 310-254-7246.


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