Coyote in Culver City Now Tracked with Radio Collar for LMU Research

The Loyola Marymount coyote research team has recently made progress in its research in Culver City.

The team was able to secure a juvenile male coyote and have fitted him with a radio collar to track his activity. The research team has been observing a Culver City coyote pack and its movements throughout 2020 via critter cams throughout the community. While the team captures several images a day of the pack, these are only in specific places, and usually in the middle of the night.

By placing a radio collar on the coyote, the team will be able to observe movements of the coyotes throughout the day as well. This allows researchers to answer several questions about where the animals are denning, how often they venture into the neighborhoods and how far their territory extends.

Researchers have already been collecting data and found that on the first day, our coyote has spent all day in the Inglewood Oil Field. The team said it looks forward to collecting more data and learning more about this coyote pack.

Coyotes are present throughout Southern California. Although they generally avoid human contact, coyotes are wild animals and they have killed unattended small pets in Culver City. The City monitors residents' reports of coyote behavior in consultation with wildlife experts, and the City will take appropriate action to protect human safety. City officials urge residents to report any aggressive coyote behavior towards humans.

Please visit the City's Coyote Management website, email Culver City Police Lieutenant Luis Martinez at, or call (310) 253-6251.


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