SMPD Busts Drugs in NoHo

Three related photos, all courtesy SMPD, show drugs and guns seized by law enforcement.

The SMPD announced that it busted into a house in Santa Monica Monday, seizing weapons and drugs from a suspected cocaine dealer in North Hollywood. Guadalupe Zuniga was arrested for narcotics arresting. Zuniga was also arrested in 2019 on the same charge.

"Santa Monica PD's Special Investigations Unit (SUI) along with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) concluded a long-term investigation into a high-level methamphetamine and cocaine dealer who is suspected of being the source of supply for numerous narcotics dealers in the City of Santa Monica," says the SMPD press release, written by Myesha Morrison."

"A Federal search warrant on the subject's vehicle and residence was successfully executed due to the collaboration with the Santa Monica Police Department and DEA."

The subject was detained away from his residence without incident by SIU and members of SMPD's Crime Impact Team (CIT) and presented with the warrant. A search of his vehicle yielded approximately 30 pounds of methamphetamine. After the subject was arrested for the methamphetamine, SIU, DEA, and CIT then executed a search warrant at the subject's residence.

"As a result of the search warrant at the residence, detectives recovered a loaded Glock style "ghost gun", extended magazine, ammunition, cocaine hydrochloride, and packaging materials."

"This subject was previously arrested by SMPD in 2019 for narcotics trafficking. ZUNIGA was transferred to DEA / US Marshals custody Thursday, December 3rd, 2020."

"Anyone with information related to this investigation is encouraged to contact the Santa Monica Police Department at (310) 458-8491.


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