Bank Robbery at WFB on Main St.

Police caught a bank robber who used a shotgun to rob the Wells Fargo Bank on Main Street in Santa Monica Tuesday morning.

Aaron Koehler-Marsh, 27, from Bend, Indiana, had used a shotgun to obtain an unspecified sum of money from a teller, just after 9 AM.

"Upon arrival, officers observed the suspect inside a vehicle exiting the bank parking lot. Officers conducted a high-risk traffic stop at the intersection of Neilson Way and Bicknell. The as yet unnamed suspect was taken into custody without incident. Officers recovered a shotgun from the vehicle," wrote the SMPD in a press release.

The bank, which was also robbed last September, is located at 171 Pier Avenue.

Bank robbers seldom net more than $5,000. Modern banks have bulletproof screening protecting tellers. They also have cameras, and security guards, so they are frequently apprehended.


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