Eriksson Re-elected to Council; Joining Vera and McMorrin

Mayor Goran Eriksson has won re-election to the City Council, edging out his competitor Freddy Puza by 28

votes, according to semi-official results released yesterday.

The last election update from Los Angeles County Registrar show that Eriksson tallied 8700 votes, surpassing

Puza with 8672 for the third open seat on the City Council.

Joining Eriksson on the Council will be Albert Vera who topped the field with 10,665 votes and Yasmine

Imani McMorrin who captured second place with 10,474 votes.

The other Council contenders finished the race with following totals: Darrel Menthe with 7,846, Heather

Wollin with 3,900, Khin Khin Gyi with 3,088, Robert Zirgulis with 2163 and Anthony Rizzo with 1,413.

The Council election will be certified by December 3. County Registrar officials said any candidates can ask

for a recount before December 8. As of press time, it is not known if Puza will request a recount.

The new Council members will be sworn in at the December 14 Council meeting.


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