Happy Thanksgiving!

The Culer City Department of Parks and recreation want to remind everyone that America's Thanksgiving holiday stands as one of the nation's most anticipated and beloved days - celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday in November. Family, friends, food, and football have come to symbolize Thanksgiving- a rare celebratory holiday without an established gift-giving component. Instead the day urges all of us to be grateful for things e do have. Here are some ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving while safe at home:

• Host a virtual dinner with family & friends-share recipes before so you can all eat the same meal!

• Prepare food for your family & neighbors and deliver it to them without physical contact.

• Bake a pie! Pies are a one of the classic Thanksgiving staples. Pecan, pumpkin, apple, cherry - you

literally cannot go wrong. Preheat the oven, throw on an apron, and get cooking!

• Start a take-out tradition! Cooking a Thanksgiving meal can take hours. Lots of restaurants serve

Thanksgiving dinners. Or start a new tradition by ordering take out! It can be the Chinese restaurant

down the street, or even your favorite pizza place. And tip well! The day is all about being grateful.


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00maria00 writes:

There's a typo in the name of the city, first sentence. ✌️