City Says it Promotes Covid Recovery

The City of Santa Monica claims that it is supporting local businesses in their attempt to recover from the lockdowns and other disruptions of Covid-19 and the George Floyd riots earlier this year.

"As the world navigates the new uncertainty, Santa Monica is making every effort to support our fragile local economy in a manner that is safe and equitable by increasing flexibility, leveraging City assets as community support resources, reducing red tape and fees, and supporting economic recovery through a series of innovative programs that are highly visible throughout the city, says

The City says that it has aided local businesses in their recoveries by allowing restaurants and gyms to move outdoors, onto City owned parking and other spaces.

The City says it has conducted a hire local campaign, and spent $2,000,000 in outreach funds to the community.

"The COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance program has provided almost $2 million dollars in rental relief to over 350 Santa Monican families," the City adds.


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