Film Fest in the Age of Covid

AFI goes Virtual to Present an Amazon Original Film by Rachel Ganz

This was a very fast paced and exciting 1970's crime drama who fallows the road trip and story of a young woman and new mother who is forced to go on the run after her criminal husband deceived and killed his boss. Jean (Rachel Brosnahan) is portrayed as an unhappy 1970's housewife living in a beautiful Las Vegas contemporary house, who is childless and infertile .One day, Jean's husband Eddie (Bill Heck) brings home a cute baby boy without a statement of the child's history.

Soon after one of Eddie's friends shows up unannounced and informs her that she and the baby need to vanish asap to save their lives. Cal (Arinze Kene) Eddies friend puts $200,000 that had been hidden in the closet into a suitcase and gives it to Jean.

''I 'm Your Woman" is a characterization of young woman in distress who is faced with the wretched ordeal of fleeing for her life while adjusting to being a new mother with few skills. Jean quickly l learns that she is smarter and more capable to survive this calamity. She becomes her own knight in shining armor as violence and danger constantly crosses her path during this crazy road trip.

Jean learns fast during the course of her having to face violence continually while becoming more maternal and caring to her newly adopted baby.

The 1970's overtone was soft and moderate , except for an incidental bright disco dress or color popping bright pink styrofoam carton of eggs, or a fake mink night club jacket.

The outstanding performance of Cal ( Arinze Kene) methodically keeps his characters secrets undisclosed in the beginning ,only to divulge over the course of the story while constructing a compelling emotional climax and intensification of the adventure

''I 'm Your Woman" created by a talented filmmaker portrays the empowerment of a young housewife Chasing the American dream, captured by delusions and the drams of fighting daily for her life and her baby, somehow figures out that she does have the survival skills and brains to have it all.

I highly recommend this film! The release date for theaters is December 4, 2020 and for streaming on December 11, 2020.

AFI Festival 2020 presented by Audi opened up with The World Premiere of the Amazon Original Film " I'm Your Woman'' starring Emmy Winner Rachel Brosnahan, is directed by Julia Hart and written by Hart and Academy Award nominee Jordon Horowitz.


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