PD Helicopters are Annoying

Dear Santa Monica Observer,

There was an annoying helicopter hovering low above my SM residence for about an hour today.

I assumed it was LAPD so checked SMPD twitter to see if there was any police activity. I was surprised to see no activity, however there was a tweet from SMPD announcing a new SMPD helicopter patrol to provide "situational awareness."

Another tweet complaining about the noise gave the helicopter's call sign as N6605.

I've supplied a link that gives N6605's flight path over SM as well as its flight log. It has apparently been patrolling SM twice a day. I can't discover if N6605 is the helicopter SMPD is using.

Can you shed any light on this? LAPD has two helicopters that fly along the coast of SM multiple times every day. Our computers record everything we do, same with our phones, cars, and our city is loaded with closed circuit cameras. I'm wondering if we need even more daytime surveillance?

Do we really need another eye-in-the sky?

Gary Davidson, SM Resident

Photo: LAPD Helicopter N6605


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