October 29, 2020


“Shall the measure adding Culver City Municipal Code Section 15.09.100 requiring voter approval of any ordinance establishing interim or permanent rent control or prohibition on residential rent increases in the City of Culver City, including any ordinance establishing rent control adopted by the Culver City Council after January 1, 2019, be adopted?”

Private property rights have been under attack in Culver City for over one year. With the onset of government-ordered rent control, many Culver City property owners, who have invested in property in our city, will be taking a financial hit.

Measure B would require a vote of the people to institute any rent control measures in the city.

Rent increase should be left to market forces. Many local property owners have reasonable positions regarding rent increases on the property they own. Culver City land owners have an extensive record of maintaining the property they own. Any rent control measures should be decided by the voters.


“Shall the measure to maintain essential services, including deferred parks/facilities/street maintenance, addressing homelessness, after-school/senior services, and economic recovery, by increasing the one-time 0.45% tax on real property sales, adding 1.5% on amounts from $1,500,000 to $2,999,999, 3% on amounts from $3,000,000 to $9,999,999, and 4% on amounts $10,000,000 and above, except for sales under $1,500,000, affordable housing, and first transfer of new multi-family properties, and providing $6,000,000 annually until repealed, be adopted?”

In order to prop up the General Fund, the City Council proposes to increase the transfer tax when property in the city is sold.

Once again, the Council proposes to balance the budget on the backs of its residents and businesses without trying to rein in expenses.

While we don’t endorse candidates, we urge Culver City voters to choose carefully so our councilmembers can return to do the job to which they were elected and stop using the city as a social experiment.


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