WeHo Wants to Revoke Cookies License

The City of West Hollywood asked the City of Los Angeles revoke the temporary operating permit L.A. granted to the Cookies Cannabis Dispensary on Melrose Ave.

It a letter to the City Attorney, West Hollywood City Manager Paul Arevalo cites complaints from West Hollywood neighbors of Cookies. The store is within the L.A. City Council’s 5th District, which is represented by Paul Koretz, who also has expressed concerns about Cookies.

Noting that West Hollywood is devoting significant resources to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arevalo wrote “In a time of a global health pandemic where city resources are strained and residents are urged to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is unacceptable that one business should be permitted to cause such disruptions and havoc to the city and its residents at home on a near daily basis.”

Residents have complained of public consumption of alcohol and cannabis and urinating in public and have said some Cookies’ customers have threatened residents if they report those violations, he wrote.

Arevalo said that customers of Cookies have ignored parking regulations in adjacent residential streets. He said that customers have jaywalked and violated posted speeds while driving in West Hollywood residential streets.

“The armed (but lax) business security create more fear in the residents than a sense of protection, and the security has been seen engaging in questionable and disruptive behavior with the customers,” Arevalo says in his letter. “Additionally, residents frequently report that customers and employees of the business do not wear masks or engage in social distancing, despite the ongoing health orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

WeHo also wants the City of LA to also deny Cookies a permanent license.


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