McMorrin Albert Vera Lead in City Council Race

With thousands of mail-in ballots stll being counted ImaniI McMorrin leading with 8,527 votes followed by ALBERT Vera with 8,409 votes, then Freddy Puza for seats on the Culver City Council follows with 7101 votes. Incumbent Councilman Goran Eriksson following a close fourth place trailing by less than 200 votes behind Puza.

The Culver City Police Department has instituted an operational plan to ensure the protection and safety of all our residents, business owners, and visitors.

The Emergency Operations Center has been activated, and additional officers have been assigned to the field, to work with all city resources and critical infrastructures within Culver City to ensure community safety.

Additionally, a mutual aid plan has been established to assist our law enforcement partners in the event of any civil unrest or other disruption.

The Culver City Police Department recognizes and values the rights of all members of the community to exercise their First Amendment Rights and will ensure these rights and liberties are protected. The community is encouraged to exercise these rights in a peaceful manner.

Kelly Kent and Paula Amezola De Herrera appear to be headed to victory for seats on the school board.


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