Storage Wars

Local Self Storage Provider Takes a Stand Against Proposition 15

By Samuel Alioto

It may not go down as the most significant endorsement of the political season, but a local storage unit operator has come out against Proposition 15. "Normally, we do not communicate with our customers about ballot measures," writes "Your SoCal Self Storage Team." We prefer to talk ab out our Nice customer service, cool organizational tips, rainbows, and sunsets. But Prop 15, also known as the Schools and Communities First initiative, has us REALLY concerned." reads a letter sent to all storage customers.

"Prop 15 threatens to increase property taxes by 300%. While we at SoCal Self Storage do our best to keep your rents low, Prop 15 if passed, will not only increase your rents; lbut the cost of clothing, gasoline, food and medical care and just about everything else will increase."

"The 2020 California Proposition 15 (Schools and Communities First) if passed on November 3rd, this citizen initiative will generate $6.5 billion to $11.5 billion annually for local government services and education by creating a "split roll" property tax system that increases taxes on large commercial properties by taxing them at market value, without changing property taxes for homeowners, renters, or small businesses," say its proponents.


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