Message from the Chief of Police

The Culver City Police Department respects and recognizes the rights and liberties afforded to all members of our community under the First Amendment, including activists, community groups, and labor unions. In fact, it is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure that these types of rights and liberties are protected, not infringed upon, and done so without bias or prejudice.

That said, as it is the right of all recognized labor unions within the City of Culver City to exercise their freedom of speech and representation, the thoughts, opinions, and statements of these labor groups are not a representation of the Police Department, or the City organization, and only strictly represent the views and thoughts of the specific labor group. Furthermore, in line with the values and principles of the Culver City Police Department, all members of this organization are held accountable to provide an equal, professional, and high level of public safety service to all the members of the community without prejudice or reservation, regardless of their individual or associated labor union's opinions or perspectives. Any deviation from these standards or principles in theperformance of their official police duties will never be tolerated or accepted.

In closing, as the Acting Police Chief of the Culver City Police Department, it is disheartening to witness members, or groups, of our community make personal attacks on each other, including police labor groups toward community members and community members toward police professionals. I honor and respect the rights, opinions, and perspectives of all members and groups of our community, including when those opinions and perspectives are critical of the Police Department or of me as the Police Chief. I also respect the rights of labor unions and groups to express their views, opinions, and perspectives as well. But I would encourage everyone to exercise their rights in a civil and compassionate manner, considering that all involved and impacted are human beings, regardless of profession, status, or affiliation. It is my desire and hope that we can all work collaboratively towards preserving and fostering Culver City as a great place to live, work, and visit for all.

Thank you and stay safe!

Acting Police Chief

Manny Cid


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