Praise for Zeidman

Dear Editor,

We all grew up in Culver City and we graduated from Culver City High School in the past five years. Now, as adults and part of the Culver City community, we look forward to and expect Culver City Unified School District to thrive for many years to come. Scott Zeidman is the perfect candidate for the Culver City Board of Education. Scott is not only exceedingly caring and responsible, but he constantly has stressed academics to all of us. Culver City High School alumni Matthew Rummelsburg explained, “Scott would be an amazing member, again, on the CCUSD Board of Education, he has managed to raise two bright young men, one currently still in the Culver City school system, all while being an active member in the community.”

We have known Scott for the better part of half our lives, beginning with Culver City Little League, where he supported us as a coach on many teams, and as the number one solicitor of fundraising for the entire league. As a coach, Scott had high expectations for us, mainly wanting us to succeed not just on the field, but also in the classroom and in life. He was fair to all players, no matter their skill level, but what was always most important to him was our grades and conduct in school. Scott became our mentor, and our good friend. Former Homecoming King Andrew Calo put it best, “Scott is a great leader. He always wants the community to come together and connect. He's been good to me, and to so many of my friends.”

We are so excited that we will be able to vote in this upcoming election, and each of us will be voting for Scott Zeidman for a seat on the Culver City Board of Education. Please join us in voting for Scott Zeidman.


Daniel Aceves

Anthony Amador

Andrew Calo

Travis Garland

Mason Le

Mason Mulvihill

Kelvin Murillo

Michael Netzel

Matthew Rummelsburg

Eli Saucedo

Max Sterner

Justin Weiner

Ryan Weiner


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