New Proposal for Miramar Hotel

A new proposal for a redesigned Miramar Sheraton hotel has been discussed by the Planning Commission. The commission will vote on the 600,000 square foot proposal next month.

The project includes 100,000 square feet at ground level, about 52% lot coverage. 312 guest rooms will be above about 20,000 square feet of retail, 2/3rds restaurants.

"When complete, the Miramar will be a new landmark and a spectacular addition to Downtown Santa Monica. It features the preservation of two local landmarks and the addition of magnificent new open spaces encouraging pedestrian activity to and through the site. It celebrates the site's rich history while incorporating bold, contemporary architecture and stunning landscape design and aiming for the highest levels of sustainability," says the developer's website.

"The project's new open spaces include two gardens that celebrate the Miramar's history by featuring and reestablishing public access to the Moreton Bay Fig Tree and celebrating the Palisades Building," continues

"World-class architecture and landscape design is thoughtfully integrated with historic preservation and community enhancement, ensuring that the Miramar Santa Monica will be a place of prominence and continuing its legacy as an iconic destination."

Michael Dell owns the Miramar Hotel at Wilshire and Ocean Avenue. 5 years ago, his company proposed a 66 story tower for the site, which would have been easily twice the size of any building in Santa Monica. The proposal was a non-starter.

"We have seen all the presentations over the years that have consistently ignored the input of the residents who will be directly impacted by this project, said SMCLC in a statement opposing the project.

"Of special concern is the removal of the main entrance from Wilshire Boulevard (a wide street designed for heavy traffic) and its placement on 2nd Street (a small neighborhood street with no turn lanes.) This belies all logic in a city that is trying to promote a pedestrian-friendly vibe. City staff routinely chooses to not consider the impacts that major events held at the site will have on this small street."

"We are also concerned with the density of the project's façade along California. This is being done to accommodate luxury condominiums whose only purpose is to provide funding to finance the project at no risk to the developers."

"Michael Dell and his wife and their LLC have skipped out of paying millions of dollars in property taxes over the years so this effort to build the Great Wall of Miramar to line their pockets is especially egregious and galling," the press release continues.


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