Ferrer: "LA Schools Will Open After the Election"

Good news guys! After the Dems have successfully routed the Republicans, especially a certain very bad man with orange hair, the schools can reopen. Yay!

KFIAM640 has obtained an audio recording of LA County Public Health Director Dr. Ferrer repeatedly saying in a conference call that she doesn't expect K-12 schools to reopen until "we are done with the election" in November.

She didn’t see her comments as political, particularly, because “she is not a political figure.”

Moms all across the country are understandably anxious to get their kids back to school. Separately, it is being debated if it is really fair that some private schools have reopened, given that public schools throughout California are closed. Cal. Gov. Gavin Newsom has considered a rule or edict that would close the private schools as well.


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