Scam Phone Call Warns of Arrest

Santa Monica police are warning locals about a recent phone scam in the area, urging them to avoid fraudulent calls.

"SMPD staff [members] have received multiple reports from community members who stated that someone contacted them falsely claiming to be police personnel,” according to SMPD on Facebook

A man impersonating a cop calls, said the post. He then:

• Refers to the community member by name

• Is very aggressive

• Tells the community member there is a warrant for their arrest

• Requests payment

"Sometimes scams such as these will include spoofing a legitimate police agency phone number and using a real name of a law enforcement officer in an attempt to gain the trust of the victim," police said.

Police officers do not ask for money—ever—over the phone, officials reiterated.


"SMPD would like to remind you that the Santa Monica Police Department does not call individuals and demand or request money under any circumstances," police said.

Any Santa Monica residents who have received a fraudulent call are encouraged to disconnect the call. Hang up, do not provide any personal information and contact SMPD's Non-Emergency line at (310) 458-8491.


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