The Princess and the Teakettle


August 6, 2020

by Sabine Ganezer

Welcome to the wacky Kingdom of Sardinibikinislandia, where the multispecies royal family is ensnared in hot debate over whom the young princess Margretta will marry. This first installment of the cartoon takes place in the palace's family therapy room.

I'm Sabine Ganezer, and this is the second cartoon of mine that the Santa Monica Observer is publishing. My first series, The Benthophonicks, is still ongoing, but since production for that series was too complicated to produce a new installment each week, I'm alternating to a simpler-designed atmosphere for now.

The concept for The Princess and the Teakettle originated in a childhood pretend game. Since I never got to play the princess, this is my chance to get to feel pretty vicariously through Procreate's wonderful iPad app with the help of the Apple Pencil.

The point of this cartoon is to show how arbitrary sociocultural norms are, and to reflect the bizzarity of normalcy as I personally see it in our current world. The point is also to revamp older archetypes and stories... and to get to draw a king crab playing an outdated cell phone game. But above all, the point is to entertain.


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