Life at Costco has changed


By Mary Leipziger

Life has changed. Usually Sunday a parking space at Costco was golden- you had to walk to one edge of the lot to find one, but not any more.

I found one in aisle A

Getting into the building before the virus was on axis- straight through the door. Now management has set up metal barriers- three in parallel formation. You pick up a shopping cart, that has been sanitized with spray and enter the facility along the front wall edge-. where you are counted at the doorway.

There are many signs, especially in the food section that suggests the 6 feet for safety during this time.

The lines for check out are faster with many fewer people. It took me ten minutes to have my purchases on the conveyer belt, and give my membership and credit card to the cashier. There are no cardboard boxes for your groceries.

The hot dog stand still has 4 lanes, this time they were all open. They have closed the mustard, relish, catsup disposers, and the women who takes your order asks if you would like any of these condiments. They come in small disposable plastic containers.

There are no places to sit- except the projected edges of the front wall. A man collecting trash discouraged such a practice, saying this was not allowed.

Life at Costco has changed.


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